Quantum Light Activations

We carry programming within our subconscious minds that completely run in the background everything that is happening in our lives. When you can unlock the keys to this programming, you are walking through the door to the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities!

I encourage you to read this ebook (there are codes within the words) and listen to the activations as often as you believe you need to. Every time you listen, you will be digging that much deeper through the programming. I send you many blessings & energy to transform your life to what you dream it could be.

This is a powerful meditation that will only take a few minutes to listen to. The energy within is of a high vibration frequency that is perfect for clearing what is not for your highest good ~ which may be blocking you from receiving. You will experience a connection to your heart (opening & expanding), the energy from Dragons, Archangels & Soul Language activations from the Great Central Sun.

Listening to this meditation daily ~ preferably in the morning, is an excellent way to clear and energize your body for the day. Listen every day for 21 days and you are reprogramming your subconscious mind to automatically FEEL safe & Protected.

Quantum Activation Portal is a FREE Facebook group where you will experience Soul Language Activations, Light Codes, Dragon Resonance, Temple Building and so much more. The intention is to transform anything in your life that doesn't serve your Highest good using the Energy from the Quantum Field ~ where infinite possibilities live.

Together we will shift what no longer serves us...experience and support each other through the shifts that may or may not be difficult... and celebrate the shifts that Lighten our path. You are invited to join this amazing group ~ where transformation happens.